I’m glad you want to get to know the real me, honest. There are easily millions of people in this world, some of them within arms reach of you, yet you put me up to the task of trying to explain who Amp is? So be it.

I’m a young kid with his hand in too many cookie jars.

To explain Amp, I have to explain who I am. To put it plainly, allow me to step outside the formality of really any standard written format. This will become an unorganized mess, but that’s just who I am as a person. Lots of people are unorganized messes, and I like to lead by example. I also like to write stories, sometimes fan fiction. I love reading books, fiction, and non. All that popular Nerd Culture(tm) stuff is definitely something I’m into. Star wars, Lord of the rings, etc. I regularly sip “weeb juice” by sinking deep into the latest seasonal anime (or maybe I revisit a classic that week, who knows). If you couldn’t tell, I’m sort of all over the place.

Oh! Video games are a huge part of my life, as I’ve spent countless hours with my brother since we were young – dissecting them as we played, trying to figure out how they worked. From the ripe age of 11 years old I was on Windows Movie Maker slapping MS Paint images into slideshows to make animations. I was modifying .ini files to change certain aspects of computer games. As I got older, I even hacked my Wii to run homebrew software (shhh don’t tell nintendo)

Thanks to good grades in HS and being somewhat poor, I was in college before I knew it. Then I started to dual-track drift. While getting really into programming and designing things, I rapidly got involved with a lot of student organizations. Youngstown Penguin Hackers helped me find other student organizations at other universities in the area that also ran Hackathons, or in other words a dope party where you make stuff for 36 hours. I also helped start YSU Game Devs, which was a bunch of college students trying to figure out what role they best fit into in a professional game studio – all while learning skills associated with that position. I got involved with Urban Game Club, which ran games such as HvZ and board game night. Soon to follow this was my addiction to plastic crack *ahem* aka Warhammer 40k.

I learned how to develop before I had any concept of video game design, which is pretty backwards I know.

Being so actively involved in so many things, while doing all the normal young adult stuff like having a job in my field, maintaining a healthy social life, and going to college – I needed to learn when to take a step back and look at my bigger picture. All these pieces of mine construct that bigger picture, which is this vision of the human experience. Or at least my human experience, steadily being constructed as I indulge in all the aspects of life that inspire or engage me – while not getting so lost in the clouds that I forget things like bills and health insurance exist.

But who is “Amp”?

Amp is the personification of my human experience – albeit with some tasteful fantasy features (I mean, who wouldn’t want wings and huge horns given the chance right?). But this personification is Amp alright. And by extension, being the epicenter for all this “human experience” that’s happening around/within me, I suppose I’ve adopted this personification – thus making me “Amp”. No identity crisis, no man behind the mask, this is just me!