As mentioned on some other page on this maze of a website, I love computers of all sizes. But if I had to be the parent that picks their favorite child – it would be the Raspberry Pi Micro Computer. There’s just so much you can do with it! Below are galleries of some of the projects I’ve worked on using my Raspberry Pi Computers

Raspberry Pi Laptop Computer

This is a project that took meā€¦far longer than I care to admit. What started as a hardware project for one hackathon, ended up being the same project for another hackathon and I’ll just leave it at that. This thing has gone through at least four major revisions, each of them improving upon the design and trying different approaches to build quality. A lot of people can put together their own desktop PC. How many of them can say they built a laptop?!

Raspberry Pi Plex Server

When I was going through the Google IT program, I wanted to build my own server so I can get my feet wet in networking. As a matter of fact, this website used to be on this Raspberry Pi! But as my needs grew I handed hosting and what not over to the proes. So what am I to do with this vacant web server? Make a media server of course! Using plex and my backed up archive of media (that I legally own) I put this little computer to work by letting it deliver my movies whenever and wherever I am

Raspberry Pi Robot

This robot was pretty fun to put together. The main driving board is made by Yahboom however. The Raspberry Pi board on this robot just has a custom operating system on the SD card for controlling the camera on top using your smart phone.

Raspberry Pi Retro Game Station

Sometimes you just have to take the edge off with some good ole fashioned Super Mario RPG. I made this Retro Game system using RetroPi, a 3D printed case, and a USB adapter that turned SNES controllers into something actually usable.

Raspberry Pi Pico Microcontroller DC Robot

I built a robot using the new Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller on RP2040 silicone. Super fun project. I actually wrote up a guide on how I did it here.