Who is OHC?

Oak Hill Collaborative, a small non-profit with big ambitions. They want to help incubate businesses, spread education on the digital advantage, beautify the city, and provide tools to the inventors of tomorrow. I’ve worked here for about a year now, and this is my first job where I’m actively being challenged as an IT Specialist. This is just my year in review, but it doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed. So I just want to list off some of my accomplishments and how I’ve grown to “bookmark” the year.

  • Finished building a “Sound Lab” in the Maker Space where anyone could come and start a podcast, record a song, etc. Required me to build sound panels from scratch.
  • Configured the computers on the network to correctly use the active directory server set up on-site
  • Reinitialized “Maker Space Night”, an open house event where anyone can come in and give a presentation about their project, or just have a co-working space for the evening
  • Developed a scalable Video Game Development curriculum using Unity and Blender
  • Taught a computer science program at local elementary schools in the inner city area
  • Became Google IT certified
  • Set up an email system for the “inner circle” of OHC representatives
  • Kept the website from catching fire
  • Created a QR powered reservation system – online calendar
  • Inventoried and logged everything
  • Improved OHC SEO and brand visibility
  • Improved Public Learning Lab via regular maintenance and services such as Cisco Umbrella
  • Initiated a program that sold refurbished laptops at affordable rates (Hardware 4 Homes)
  • Learned how to use Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere)
  • Migrated our local active directory server to Microsoft Azure! This meant finally closing and locking our server room. Got too hot with all three servers running, so I virtualized two of them
  • Recorded and launched an entire online variant to the same after school program I taught before (post covid)
  • Converted sound lab into the multimedia lab by including video recording and editing equipment
  • Partnered with Rookery Radio to let YSU students do their radio shows from our multimedia lab!
  • Hosted an entire week of live stream talks for Digital Inclusion Week
  • Helped and educated a flurry of people on how technology works, day in and day out

In Review:

I don’t think that this place would have been obliterated at the atomic level without me, but I like to think I’ve left my mark. These are just some of the things that came to mind, and I feel like I’ll often come back to this list to add more stuff when I remember. Or just read through it when I’m feeling down. I can work as hard as I want, but it’s difficult to remember to sit back and take in your accomplishments. Hopefully making some sort of a tradition out of this will help with that!

A. Hake – November 2020

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